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pickingGirl , 01 Mar 2012

I have to stop & i have found some things that help

Hello everyone. I am a serious picker and will pick anywhere i have a spot. Unfortunately i also have keratosis pilaris. So there´s always something to pick at! But i have decided to really quit now, i havent been this determined before, so i am really trying to kick this bad habit out. I am graduating in june and where i live there is tradition for girls to wear a white dress on graduation day. I havent been wearing anything in public that shows arms or legs for about three years now. Although i have a beautiful dress for my graduation day that i want to wear without my arms and legs being full of nasty scabs and scars. Anyway, things have been going pretty good for a while and here is what has helped me. I write a journal every night before i go to bed. I dont just write about if i picked or not, I write very specific about how i have been feeling, my thoughts, important things that happend during the day and try to write positive things about myself to keep myself motivated. I think it´s good to get an overall view of how the mood, anxiety or even lack of sleep can trigger the urge the pick. You have to learn where you´re most likely to start picking. I also started up Yoga and meditation. I try not drinking as much caffeine as i usually tend to do cause i´ve noticed how it makes me want to pick more. Now i´m going to use a lotion that is recommended to help reduce the spots you get from keratosis pilaris and also use BIO-OIL for my scars to fade. I really hope i can look good in a dress again! And i really hope for all of us that we can stop this compulsion. I wish you all the best ladies, dont give up! We can do this! I
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March 02, 2012
Well I'm certainly happy and proud of you. Keep the good work up and don't stop or give up no matter who or what anyone says to you. You look gorgeous regardless of markings. Always remember that...!!! Wear that dress proud with wonderful beautiful thoughts of joy and beauty of life in your heart. Always and forever....!!!!

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