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Arati , 02 Mar 2012

free coaching consultation

I used to pick my skin too. Now I'm offering a new phone coaching program to help you stop or greatly reduce your picking, and to help you feel better than you ever have in your life :-) Please check it out at and then contact me for a 45 minute free consultation (
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March 03, 2012
Does this only apply to people in America? Because I'm in Australia...
March 29, 2012
Everyone should definitely check her out! I did my consultation and talked to my mom and i am so ecstatic to start the program. I think its really important to talk to loved ones and be on this site but it is MORE important to get help from someone who has actually combatted this and knows what it's like! you all should do the free consultation! :) Also, I started my coaching season today of 6 months and I am so excited to combat this "thing" that we all have! Annette is wonderful and understanding You aren't going to find a deal like this anywhere else!
April 03, 2012

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Thank you "toomuchpressure"! :-) I'm so happy to be working with you. I love that you are posting your progress here. Your online journal in the forum is definitely inspiring and comforting to others who are struggling. - Annette (Arati)
April 16, 2012
The free consultation is still available. :-) For more info, please visit and contact me when you are ready and committed to learn to stop picking!

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