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dommi9877 , 06 Mar 2012

Stopping the urge to pick

Does anyone know was to stop the urge to pick?
1 Answer
March 22, 2012
Hi, The urge to pick for me needed to be addressed in the moment of urge....hand up to the skin, my mind pushed it down. Each time, day after day. At night, watching tv, i keep my fidgeting hands occupied by making friendship bracelets. Before bed time, i read. During day, i try to keep busy. But i keep reminding myself that picking will create more scars and scabs, i am now aware that leaving the face and skin alone will result in prettier skin. I am already feeling happier, more confident, more beautiful. I feel like i shine now, knowing that i am just days away from clear skin ---- as long as i do not touch my skin. The shame of scabs, sores, scars before is more devastating to me than the urge to pick. Now my desire for prettier skin trumps the urge to pick. Good luck, SC

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