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belle1967 , 08 Mar 2012

skin picking on fingers

my daughter is 11 and has chewed all the skin on each finger tip all the way round what can i do as noting i say or do is helping .... i feel helpless
1 Answer
March 13, 2012
I just for the first time posted on this forum and saw that you had no responses and wanted to give you my opinion because I too pick my fingers... I am 26 years old and attaining my masters in a psychological field. I have been picking my fingers since at least 11 years old and felt I had to reply. It is most likely that she doesnt realize that it is a big deal at all, I did not until recently. After reading a lot on this forum and online it seems as though it can be related in part to depression or anxiety. I am in no way saying that your daughter is suffering from either. Are there any signs of anything other than just the skin picking? Does she have any ongoing fears of social situations or any future oriented anxiety? (I am in no way prying.. but have been some of my ongoing issues and am trying to see if I can help)

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