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March 22, 2012

Hey there, Ha, i know. I used to think i was all alone in this, a weirdo who JUST. CANT. STOP. PICKING. And then i found this site and spom site and book, and just to put a name to this woke me up. The knowledge that i am not alone, reading stories from people describing everything I'vebeen feeling, and finding out that people have recovered from it....OMG, it was such a relief. Actually, since I learned all i could about this, I was able to stop, for real. And it's all thanks to all the brave people willing to share photos, videos and stories. Msde me realize that if i don't stop, this csp will never stop. And knowing it's up to me to do so was helpful. I mean, i knew i had a bad habbit, but until i knew that this is a serious compulsion, i didn't think of it that way. I just knew tht each time i tried to stop, i couldn't.... Ayways, long story short, for me, the knowledge was the power i needed. Love, SC