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Freddy Krueger , 10 Mar 2012

Doctor Visit

Laa te Daa!....Nothin' like a trip to the Doctors for...what was supposed to be a spinal exam..turned out to be my white-coat nightmare. I had to put on some expandable shorts. I wore a long-sleeved tee to hide my hideously scarred arms from years of picking and gouging, however, my legs were almost fully exposed as i sat on the examination table. First time seeing this specialist because of my spinal problems. He began to ask me "what are all these legions on your legs?"...i was without words...stuttering... "would you take off your shirt please?" i began to remove my long sleeved tee, my tank top underneath slipped up to expose most of my belly and mid chest...covered with sores and scars."when was the last time you had a drug test"? the doc asked..he than asked if i had been drinking...i told him i didn't drink, he thought i was a meth addict.( i didn't blame him )..finally my wife who was there, commented that i had a skin picking disorder called Dermatillomania, he left it alone from there, but he had never heard of it. More physicians out there need educating of this symptom. I explained it a bit further, but he looked at me puzzled. If any of you have to face a physician for any type of exam, and the doctor is not a skin specialist, be prepared to explain to them the what's and why's of Dermatillomania. I was a bit awkward, but got through the exam ok. The toughest parts are the facial expresions as most suspect you to be on Meth. ( i am not, never tried it, never will )...but that's the battle we face with the "un-educated medical specialists" who don't know about it..thanks for letting me share. By the way..does anybody know of the best "over the counter" skin/scar cream that is the best made for helping to clear up this symptom? I would like to know. thanks. Mike
2 Answers
March 22, 2012
Hey Mike, I used to use Neopsorin. It's an antibiotic and helps scars heal better.... Now finally, i stopped picking, and i am letting my scabs heal on their own, not helping with pulling them off when i think they are ready.... This will also minimize the scaring, i hope. But I am never picking again, so hopefully no more time wasted covering with neosporin and bandages and make up... Good luck, SC
March 23, 2012
Hey Mike, yea it sucks! :/ But I believe we all have a challenge in life (sometimes I feel like I have too many, haha) Anyway... Good luck with your scars... I have started putting Vitamin E Oil on mine... but I think it takes a while to work... so I can't tell you that it definitely has worked for me... yet :) it's great that you have a supporting wife, you are very lucky! Ciao!

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