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Azealia , 10 Mar 2012


Hello, I have never posted a topic on this subject before. I have had this problem for 19 years. It has definitely affected every aspect of my life. I get so nervous and anxious. My relief has been picking. The result has been shame and isolation. I'm hoping that joining this forum will help me remind myself that I have a problem. I always forget I have this problem (because I want to, or wish it didn't exist) when my skin gets better. If any thing is noticeable to me, I take it overboard and become covered with scabs. It's humiliating. Any advice and/or encouragement for getting better would be much appreciated. Thank you
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March 22, 2012
Hi there, I completely understand you, as does probably everyone else reading this. This is what i can say to you: it's our impefrections that make us perfect. Try to let your skin heal, and when it does, enjoy the feeling of happiness and confidence that you've overcome this disease. I used to feel such shame about my skin, i felt like a prisoner in my own body, the embarrasment, being absolutely mortified and the constant hiding of my face, legs, back and arms was getting exhausting. I finally got to the point where i faced my demons and did not want to have this contol my life anymore. I am 33, and have been a picker for as long as i remember. I am hoping that my body will heal and that the marks and scars become less and less visible overtime. I am only on day 6 without any picking, but i feel confident that i've overcome this. Keep your hands busy, do not check your face in the mirror too close, remove magnifiying mirrors, and find a hoby that will keep your fingers working, like knitting, drawing, weed picking. Be concious of what your hands do, and be aware - each time you try to go look for those non exsistent bumps, remind your self that you are already perfect. Put your hands away from skin, and chill. For the first few days I kept looking over at my husband to see what he was doing with his hands....and guess what it was? NOTHING! He just sat there, with hands relaxing in his lap. I say to myself, that is NORMAL, not what I do.... All these little things helped. And knowing that my picking is going to make me socially unaceptable, that i will scar myself beyond repair, and I didn't want that life for me anymore. i just wanted to be happy again, and have control over my life. Good luck! SC

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