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frank123 , 11 Mar 2012

53 years of picking

I have been picking my skin on the bottom of my feet, my fingers and palms of my hands for as loong as I can remember. I am 53 years old and never thought anyone could understand what I do to myself. It is bad - the bigger peice of skin I could peel off the better. I cannot imagine how much skin I have picked off of my body. I am glad to have found you that suffer like I do. It is embarrassing and I am wondering if you (any of you) have found you are much less successful in your professional career like I am. I am wondering if what causes me to pick my skin causes me also to self sabatage. Would anyone help me please?
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March 12, 2012
Hello! I am am only 14 and haven't picked my skin, no where near as that long! I'm not an expert, but you can try these three simple steps that I use as routine, everyday: 1. Cover up Mirrors- For istance, if you are in the bathroom, or in a room with a mirror alone, this may give you sensation to pick. This way you are focused on whatever you are doing and can leave the room freely, without feeling the urge to pick your skin, and instead you are focused on the thing that you are doing, and as soon as that's over, you avoid having to look at your body and deciding what largest scab to pick first. 2. Meditation Balls- These things you can pick up on Amazon. It doesn't matter how big or small they are, as long as they fit into your palms comfortably and give out a relaxing chime sound whenever you massage them into your hands. For me this eases the sensation of picking the skin and you can control your will power freely. Enabling you to focus on one thing only, besides the picking habit. Meditations balls have a clever way of stimulating your mind and making it focus on one thing and one thing only: The activity you are doing with your hands. 3. Councelling- There isn't much I can say about this, apart from the fact that they will help you and see your way of life, into a new style of comfort and happiness, away from the picking habits that you crave. All information is kept confidental, by the way. Hope this helps, kind regards, Chloe :)

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