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Flavaboycucumbers , 11 Mar 2012

In need of help

Hi everybody, I am a 16 year old boy and have been scalp picking sense I was about 13. I haven't picked my scabs for 3 days now. I am quitting without doctor help, theropy, or medication. I don't want to tell a doctor or anything because I know I can quit if I really want to, and I am going to. I just have the very strong urge to pick all my scabs off. So my question is once I fully quit and all the scabs heal will I still have the urge to start up again by making new scabs. Thank you in advance for your help
1 Answer
March 14, 2012
Hello! My name is Chloe and I'm 14 years old, I've bee picking my scabs for 4 years running. I'd just like to say it's great that you are helping yourself for your struggle on picking! Well Done :)! It's good that you can control your will power and want to stop! I understand what you mean about wanting to get all of your scabs off, because I have that urge, all the time, too. When I stopped for a period of time and got new scabs, I ignored them for a while, but then the feeling to pick came back again... All you have to do is trust yourself, revolve your habit around your friends and be honest, you never know, if their your true friends then they will understand. Your probably think what the hell? I'm 14 what would I know and why am I helping you? But honestly, I want to be there for others, just like they are there for me. You might think that it is difficult to tell your friends about this, I mean I stilll struggle talking about it with my friends because I think there is no point if they all look like models! But they do understand and stick by my side, so good luck with telling your friends, just make your feelings and doubts clear and they'll definately help you and be there for you! Last thing, a trick you can do if you ever feel the urge to pick in the bathroom, is, cover up the bathroom mirror with a towel and then without noticing your reflection, you can just relax and get on with whatever you need to do, without feeling the sensation to pick or harm your skin/body. This has worked many times for me and hopefully it will work in the long run for you too! Good luck, I'm rooting for you! C ;)

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