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takecare , 21 Mar 2012

Behavioural Therapy

So I finally went to the doctors and told them about my skin picking and that I need help and I've had enough, so the only thing they could offer me was behavioural therapy. I still need to make an appointment for it, however wanted to know if anyone has had behavioural therapy and if so how was it? And did it help you in anyway? Thanks
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March 21, 2012
I am not sure what behavioral therapy is and how it works, - but I think it has something to do with changing the behavior of picking with something else.... I guess this is what I've been doing, becoming aware of the problem, and being very conscious about it. Understanding that picking will only create more problems, I will feel horrible immediately after the fact, and embarrassed for days afterwards because of all the scabs and sores all over my face and body.... For me, the hour of picking pleasure needed to be substituted in the action and feeling. I needed to understand that I can not feel good about tearing my skin apart, and being more rational about it made me realize that picking skin only makes me HURT myself. And hurting myself is NOT supposed to FEEL GOOD! So instead of wanting to pick and hurt my skin, I first started reading, then I become super aware of what my hands are doing all the time. I ALWAYS used to run my hands all over my body, and now each time my hands reach for my skin, I consciously put them away. This goes on all day long, but each day, I noticed, I am less fidgety. I tell myself that picking the scab before it's ready to go on it's own will only create another scab, picking at a pimple will only create 5 more, and make this one worse....etc. Now, my happiness and pleasure lies in the satisfaction of my skin finally clearing up (on day 5), the looking forward of not needing make up just to take the dog out, looking forward to finally being able to wear tank tops, shorts, skirts, hair pulled back with a headband... The feeling of being able to be who I am, and not who I am hiding! It's what made a huge difference for me, the replacement of the feeling in my head. Good luck!!! SC
March 22, 2012

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Thanks for the feedback, the doctor said the therapy will try and help me to understand why I pick my skin and how they can change my behaviour and doing something else in its replacement. God knows if it will work but better to try than do nothing. It's good to know your finding a way to overcome this, I'm constantly picking all the skin off of all my fingers using a nail clipper which is very painful! It's even worse when I wash my hands and I can see skin coming off which triggers me to pick. I think willpower works for me for a few days then I go back to extreme picking. Still looking for a solution, God help us all!
March 22, 2012

In reply to by takecare

I know, it's so hard. I went for years wanting to stop, until finally I realized that the picking took complete control over me. I remember my aunt having huge scars sll over her legs and face, and I suddenly realized that I was heading to that direction. I didn't want that to be me. I wanted my skin to look pretty, so I was absolutely desparate to stop. I think for me, that was a major driving point. Just knowing I will ruin myself and my skin. I still haven't picked and still do not have a desire to. I taped pictures of my scabs on my mirror as a reminder to never pick again..... The feeling of shame that came with it is enough for me to keep my hands away from my face. Yes, it is a bit hard since I am used to running my hands all over, but I made a concious decision to pull my hands away. What also gave me hope, is knowing that people overcame this. I know you can too. SC

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