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soncek , 21 Mar 2012

DAY 5 without picking

Hi Fellow Pickers, I am 33 and found out on Saturday morning (5 days ago) that what I do (picking skin) is an actual disorder, a compulsion. I always thought that I just pick my pimples and scabs and dry skin because... Just because. No other reason. And I never could stop, no matter how hard I tried or how hard I prayed, I always went back. Until this Saturday morning, when I stumbled upon this site and others, and read story after story of people describing feelings that I've felt for years. After learning a lot about CSP, I decided I needed to change my brain processing...and I wowed myself to really stop this time. I can happily say that today, the first scab fell of my face BY ITSELF! I didn't help it at all! (well, to be quite honest, it was hanging on by a thread, lol, and I just wanted to see it gone so I gently swished it away) - And just like that, the first of my 55 scabs and marks on my face is gone. Yup, I counted them yesterday! I am so happy about this that I can't contain it. I feel proud and excited and overjoyed, as this is the first time I feel like I actually do not have any desire at all to pick. I am making sure though, that each time my hands reach for the face or any itch or dry scab, I remind myself to take the hands away from skin! And I follow this each time. I also started reading before bed and making things (woven bracelets), to keep me occupied at night while watching tv. I've been on other sites, forums, saw a ton of videos, read a ton of stuff, and I can't pull myself away from all the information. I just feel like I need to be in touch with people like me, to keep aware of the problem so that I never go back to picking. OK....Needed to share the happy news of my first scab falling of by itself, and the feeling that gave me! I think I found a new 'high'! Love, SC

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