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alicemcr , 22 Mar 2012

Hey, I'm Alice

Hi, I'm Alice, I have CSP, compulsive skin picking, I'm not sure how long I have been doing it for but I only really noticed at the end of last year, I have worked out I have been doing it for over 4 years though.. I wouldnt go far to say I have acne problems, I get a few spots now and again same as everyone else, however, obviously I pick them off and just make it worse for myself.. I have started to really do something about it and now I'm starting to join forums, I know I'm not alone but I think it'll help to be talking to other people about it finally, and hopefully there is some people who have done things that made them stop or they know they are stopping? The internet does not seem promising at the moment with whether or not you can stop picking.. I have had a lot of things happen to me which will definately stick with me for life, bullying since the start of school and until I moved, even still when I had moved areas of the UK from Leicester to Blackpool, (August 2011) my past still haunted me with the bullying, another traumatising event which I honestly don't really talk about and I am sure people would understand if your in my shoes, my brother Martin died in April 2007, I havent had counselling and I won't get any to do with the death of my brother but I am ready to start counselling to stop my skin picking, I am meant to be seeing my best friend who lives in Canada in July and really want to be able to stop or be stopping as I know it will take a while, but atleast to get rid of these scabs and constant urges would be wonderful.. I have tried taking mirrors down but you never can seem to get away from them, I have tried moisturising instead of picking but that doesnt last long! I tried wearing make up but i just picked through it or when I took the makeup off, and I have tried fake nails but they obviously are just a stop for a day. I am now trying anti depressants as I heard they can help but the picking has got me to a breaking point that I feel I need help and I get so depressed with doing it and just knowing i do it.. I have got some Rescue Oil and Cocoa Butter to try and get rid of the scars I have made on the tops of my arms, chest and face and I am hoping they will work but who knows.. I want to stop and I need some help, I'm new to this forum stuff and to getting people around me aware that I have this problem..
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March 23, 2012
Hey Alice! I'm so sorry about your brother :( That sounds like a lot to deal with. And bullying can be truly crushing! The good news is that you are aware of your problem and also you have a GOAL! I am on my third day of not picking, and starting to think "hey maybe I CAN do this!" Please read my post "Picking from Anxiety" and also the comments made by "newperspective" so that I don't have to rewrite everything :) The best advice I can give you is this: in order to extinguish a bad habit, you must shun it out with good ones. For example, I have stopped picking my skin and am using that anxious energy (or trying my very best) to be aware of the health of my skin from the inside as well as out, including a healthy diet, a lot of vitamins, and acquiring good skin products. AND DRINKING LOTS OF WATER. I currently put band aids on all of the tempting spots that drive me insane. Also... I have scars on my breasts, shoulders, neck, face, back, legs, God, everywhere. In order to get somewhere, you gotta start somewhere :) so... we are in it together!!!!!
March 24, 2012

In reply to by sunny55

I've read your posts, your so inspirational! I am blown away at how well you are doing and so proud of you! Absolutely fantastic keep it up :) Reading your posts made me think maybe I'm not putting in all I've got? I give up too easily and don't have enough will power in me to stop. That's a hard thing to realize and I think I am slightly coming to think that.. I thought I tried everything and failed at everything but truth is now I think that I tried most things but didn't give it enough chance, I have bought Rescue Oil and Cocoa Butter moisturizer for scar treatment and I am hopefully going to start using that morning and night again and hopefully it wont be a 2 minute wonder! I think I just give up because i think.. "whats the use? I'm ugly anyway." I think that is my attitude more often than not, I am stripping my hair color from black to my natural color and will be dying it Plum, when I dye my hair a different color I see it as a new start, something about me always changes, I make sure of that, so this time I will make it my mission to try harder to stop! I'm setting up counselling sessions and when it's payday I will start at the gym, I hope being more active will help, my picking was minimal Thursday evening due to going out for a meal but I still found myself sat picking little scabs off now and then and just bits of my skin, I have been making a diary but now its the weekend that has just gone to pieces! Unfortunately, as that was going well, I found that during the week I start my picking regime at 8am every morning! Always when I am about to leave for work and brushing my teeth, so basically; at the mirror. That thing is unavoidable! I find myself at work for 20 minutes a time in the bathroom! Just because of the mirror. I am going to buy some Sudoku's on payday too, hopefully that will help?? Something to try and keep busy when I would be picking, to occupy that time. I will try to use my stress ball a little more too.. I hope that it will work out, I have a reward for myself if i can do it though it isn't much of a reward as it should be happening regardless! Canada in the summer to visit my best friend, I need to stop by then so I guess I have a deadline that means?? You say you started a healthier lifestyle, I'll be honest, vegetables is my worst! I hate them as much as I would like to adventure with food.. And fruit also, I can eat more of that than veg but still very selective, apples but I don't eat much of them, I like raw carrots though! Maybe that's odd however I suppose I could try a small raw carrot a day and a apple to start with? I need my taste buds changing!! I need to start using my facial wipes on a more regular strict basis too! I've always wanted to do running like you so that's really inspirational also! Maybe I will start jogging at weekends too.. It seems its all about the lifestyle we live doesn't it really? Just need to change a lot in our lives to change the picking, I am going to read your posts again and hopefully be more inspired into doing more to stop :) I don't want to be saying these and have it last a few days as normal, I want to be saying these and be saying these in a years time! Or at least months?! Thank you for directing me to your posts, it helped lots, and I think your doing amazingly!! Well Done you, can't put to words how inspirational you are!

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