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EMLM21 , 02 Dec 2008

New- shocked over seriousness

I discovered this site today, and had many years of nonstop picking answered. But I'm slightly shocked, or still trying to understand, the seriousness of it. I'm 23, and have always been a picker out of boredom. Since I graduated from college in May and have moved back home to a real job and being hours away from my bf and friends, the picking has taken a big toll. After I found this site, it made me realize how much I pick and where every day- my scalp and cuticles till they bleed, my face (which I spend about 20 mins a day doing) bottom of my feet ... I'll search my body for any dry skin or bump. And as embarrassing at this is, I'll resort to picking my nose if I've run out of other places. Years ago I had depression and self harmed, also had minor OCD, so I'm not surprised on that end. Just slightly frustrated because it's been two years since I've recovered from everything (still have little OCD things). I can figure it out enough to recognize that it's stress, and a lot out of boredom, and flared up when I had to move back home. It's just hard for me to take seriously- I've seen it more as a bad, annoying habit. But I'm also thinking I just don't want to. Anyone else deal with this? Thanks, Lizzie
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December 04, 2008
Hi, you are not alone like I said in my blog, I started picking when my mom came back. Did something happen to you at home. My psy. helped me realize that my mother did not know how to be a mother even when I thought she did in my younger years. My mother had my youngest brother when I was 12 and I ended up raising him until I moved out when I was 19. It taught me how to be a mother which is good because now I have 2 boys who love me very much and they know I'll always be there for them. I never had that growing up. So that is why I ask you if something happened at home. Is it your parents freaking you out. I hate picking all the time but I makes me feel better. Sometimes I think why stop. It helps me coupe with life. Then I see the damage in the mirror. Not pretty. We are all in the same boat here. I know your pain. freeasever
December 05, 2008

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Nope-home life is great. I think it was going from college where I had tons of friends and seeing my boyfriend every day, and moving back home where I've had little to none friends and doing long distance. Because I've noticed I don't pick as much when I'm with other people, so I'm sure going from a huge social life to a full time job and going out the occasional weekend had something to do with it. Thanks for your response :)

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