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December 04, 2008

Hi, you are not alone like I said in my blog, I started picking when my mom came back. Did something happen to you at home. My psy. helped me realize that my mother did not know how to be a mother even when I thought she did in my younger years. My mother had my youngest brother when I was 12 and I ended up raising him until I moved out when I was 19. It taught me how to be a mother which is good because now I have 2 boys who love me very much and they know I'll always be there for them. I never had that growing up. So that is why I ask you if something happened at home. Is it your parents freaking you out. I hate picking all the time but I makes me feel better. Sometimes I think why stop. It helps me coupe with life. Then I see the damage in the mirror. Not pretty. We are all in the same boat here. I know your pain. freeasever

December 05, 2008

Nope-home life is great. I think it was going from college where I had tons of friends and seeing my boyfriend every day, and moving back home where I've had little to none friends and doing long distance. Because I've noticed I don't pick as much when I'm with other people, so I'm sure going from a huge social life to a full time job and going out the occasional weekend had something to do with it. Thanks for your response :)