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begoniagirl1 , 23 Mar 2012

Anyone use super glue on very deep facial wound?

I have a spot on my face that I dug at for a constant three hour binge about five days ago. My other scars are very bad as a result of similar digging episodes, however, they don't always get this deep. There was one other occation four years ago that landed me into the ER with 6 stitches on my chin. I'm afraid to say this one is even a bit worse. Yes, I know I should probably return to the ER, but I'm afraid they will want to have mental health question me. I'm not crazy, and I know you, who are reading this, probably aren't crazy either. We just do what we do, and would most likely stop if we could. My question is this, has anyone used super glue on an open wound to seal it up? Does it even work? I have used liquid band aid in the past but it isnt strong enough to hold the big gaps shut. I of course would clean it out properly and no infection seems evidant. The damn thing just won't close, most likely because it's near my mouth and well, I have to actually talk (on good days may even laugh!) and in doing so, my wound moves, stretches and stays open. It also will not stop weeping. It's a small amount, but annoying non the less. I cover it with a band aid during the day at work and let it air out at night. I freakin hate this. I'm ashamed, feel disgusting, and hate that my thirteen year old sees this. I hide behind band aids so she can't see the actual holes I put on my face and body, but she clearly knows what I do. I'm sure she's embarresed of me, and I can't blame her. Please let me know if you've used super glue and if it works.
6 Answers
March 23, 2012
hello fellow skin picker... i haven't used super glue for skin picking areas, but i have used it man times for paper cuts and splits around cuticles from dryness.... i once used it when i slamed my finger in the car door (as i got out of the car for an interview, no less) my nail split across, down by the base but stayed attached at sides. i poured peroxide into it a few times a day for two days and then filled it in with crazy glue (super glue) held and the nail grew out and was normal....i'm not even sure which nail it was now (altho that was probably 30 years ago) hope that helps. susie
March 27, 2012
I think you should go back to the ER even though they might send you to a mental health person because it might help you stop picking. Or maybe you have someone you can trust with this issue that can help you either stitch it at home or help you like a therapist maybe. I wouldn't use superglue though because there is a reason doctors don't use it to close wounds. It's probably unsanitary and bad for the skin, with all the chemicals that are in it. Unlike Susie below, this is an open wound on the face that is very different from the skin under the nail, which is probably tougher and more calloused.
March 28, 2012

In reply to by catwoman

Thank you catwoman. Your advice is very wise and I know I should go to the ER. I'm just to ashamed to do so. I have a client who is a nurse, I will ask her what to do. I ended up using the s. glue and it got all over my chin. Yes, it did close my wound, but in trying to remove it off my skin - with 100% acetone, I chemically burnt my face. The s. glue didn't stay stuck to the gash do to the fact of its constant oozing. So, still one huge hole in my face with an accompanying huge red scaly, chapped, burnt skin area....great. Hopefully my nurse/ client can tell me what to put on it. I won't feel so ashamed asking her. Thank you for replying back.
April 03, 2012
Have you tried using those butterfly bandages? I used them once for a bad spot on my chin that was deep and kept re-opening whenever I smiled or spoke. Not good. But the bandage sealed the edges shut and made it heal nicely--although I do have a small scar. Still, it's better than stitches or a trip to the shrink. Stop using those harsh chemicals because that really can burn your skin and do even more cellular damage. Flush the wound out well with that sterile wound cleanser w/ antibiotic that comes in a pressurized can. It's awesome. Then tightly pull the ends of the wound together with the butterfly bandages (or two) and periodically dab some Neosporin on any of the exposed wound. Good luck!
April 17, 2012
Sweetie do not be ashamed. The thing you need to be worrying about is keeping that wound clean as possible. If you don't, ...........which I'm sure you know already anyways that it can get badly infected and do more then leave a scar. It can cause a badly enternal infection, where you will need to go to the emergency room and bare more pain then you can even think of. I mean do not get me wrong. I feel ashamed to. Lately I been using my nails ....... to to to much and leaving these big gaping bruises on my face where they have orange and green puss, because I dig in with my nails and sometimes get nothing out of it. No satisfaction, the only thing I get is a nasty infection on my face. I use these rough sponges and shower with them hard with soaps like dove to dry out my skin and I do it twice then use a body sponge after and then when I'm done ..... I use lotion to give my skin moisture. For me I feel i take the layers of dead skin off or open wounds i have made. Then put lotion on for it to dry and heal I know I am crazy ..........I think I am anyways, but that is why im here. I Want help so badly. So if you need to talk. Please write me anytime.
October 29, 2019

Hello currently have a deep open raw spot from picking between my eyes... it’s so big probably 3mm crater god knows how deep. What should I do it’s been a week already and barely anything has charged. Can I just go to the er and request stitches? I’ve never been help. Idk how to post a picture but I have a few

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