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thiswillpass , 24 Mar 2012

Hi guys. I'm new here and I need help to quit.

For a while I've been thinking about quitting. Everyday I try so hard to stop but I relapse. This plucking is out of control. How do I stop? I really want to stop especially because the nicer weather is coming. it's been 7 years and I had enough. What are some good tips that you've used to quit?
1 Answer
March 27, 2012
I don't know exactly how to quit your type of picking, but I do know that I've been having my mom check every day so I'm not caught. If your a minor still living w/ ur parents, you might want to consider that. Also, while your quitting, don't resort to food to deal with your stress or anxiety. I've almost been doing that and It's really bad. And if you are a teen or even an adult, If you decide to go with my advice, don't try to hide the issue from the person you trust. They can only help you.

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