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vikesfanmb , 26 Mar 2012

Finger cots for picking

Hi all . . I just wanted to pass along a helpful tip shared by my daughter's therapist. Finger cots! They are like the "fingers only" of latex gloves or I've heard them referred to as finger "condoms". LOL Anyways they just slip on over the finger(s) and they don't attract as much attention as say, multiple band aids or full gloves would. My daughter bought a package of 50 (I believe??) at Walgreens for $4 so they are also reasonably priced. She has been wearing them as much as possible at school and they seem to be helping somewhat, when she remembers to wear them. She could probably also wear them at work (she works as a cashier at a grocery store) which I've suggested to her. Hope someone else can possibly benefit from this suggestion.

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