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pickaboo , 27 Mar 2012

Only Cure I've Ever Found

Unfortunately, it might be for women only, but men might find a way to incorporate it. Every single time my skin picking starts getting bad, I have to go get acrylic nails put on and hide any and all tools. It is next to impossible to pick with those nails on. However, this doesn't cure my lips from being torn to shreds from my teeth, but at least I can walk without bleeding from my feet everywhere. Sometimes, this will kick me out of the habit for a few months to even as long as almost an entire year. Just depends on how many people around me I know end up getting sunburned in the summer. One year, I had 3 friends who all came to me to be "picked" and they didn't know it's an actual problem for me, they just think it's funny. Well, I ended up ripping off those nails (ouch) just to indulge. There are times when I can watch really bad sunburns being peeled on YouTube, instead of actually picking myself. I hate that the sensation feels so flipping good, it just makes it so much harder. Anyways, I'm still looking for more ways to ease the peeling and picking, but just wanted to share that acrylic nails have been my best Go-To for biting the bad habit in the butt. Mostly.
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