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laurenxx18 , 29 Mar 2012

SORT of nose picking - scab! Please help!

About 5 months ago I got a bad sinus infection that led to a scab in my nose, left nostril - all along the inner side along my septum. Once I found out about it...there's been no stopping. I'm a skin and scalp picker and have been for a long time, I've never really been a nose/scab picker. It hurts SO SO much more than any skin picking I've ever done because it's on such a sensitive/unprotected area. It's also harder to pick off of some of the..softer parts so I end up really digging into that sensitive tissue :( I do it multiple times a day, and always need a tissue because of the way it bleeds. It's even dripped sometimes, but it's usually "internal". On parts, harder scabs form, but I end up pulling them off with tweezers and it hurts so bad because they take the skin with it too. Obviously my nose is extremely sore too. And after a picking session, my nose will obviously swell on that size, and I become congested. If i had this bothersome of a spot on my body, I could use a band aid or SOMETHING, but there's no way to cover up the inside of my nose, and I know covering my fingers/nails wouldn't work. I know it's dangerous because I might start an infection and it's so close to my brain. I want to stop. Do any nose pickers have ideas you use that might help me here? Or anybody in general. (it's crazy, if somebody without dermatillomania read this, all of these horrible cons and only one pro - the satisfaction of getting something youve been working on, they would stare like we had 3 heads. JUST STOP! i'm glad people here get it)
1 Answer
March 30, 2012
Hi A good way to stop this (worked for me!!) is to put nipple protecting cream up your nose it doesnt sting and softens the scabs and makes picking unrewarding!! Good luck.

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