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emily1234 , 30 Mar 2012

How to help a facial wound heal?

Hi everyone...this is my first post. I'm so grateful for a community of people who are going through what I am. I have a huge wound in the middle of my eyebrows...right above my nose. It started as a spot and has gotten so big. I have been trying to heal it for a week- not going out, not putting makeup on it, not touching it. I was doing so well and for some reason last night I picked it and now its worse than ever before. It is really red raw and pretty big- it looks like I've hit my head on a wall or something?! I've stopped it weeping so its getting to be kind of crusty (ergh) and I have work for the next week so will have to put make up on it. Do any of you know any methods to help it heal better, bearing in mind I'll have to put make up on it? I have found that facial abrasions heal alot quicker than anywhere else. Many thanks! ALSO while I'm here I have a tip which I'm sure has been mentioned before on the forum. If you have an issue with spots/healing wounds not being 'flat', then a good tip is to use a nail file or emery board VERY lightly to make it smooth. You shouldn't do it too hard/too much as itll end up breaking the skin and making it weep, but if you do it very lightly it does help a lot.
3 Answers
March 31, 2012
I completely understand your situation as I have had multiple facial wounds. For me, I use clay masks on occasion. They seem to dry out the wound. Also, I put on an antibacterial ointment in the evening. During the day, I do wear make-up - as much as it takes to cover! But, as soon as I come home, thoroughly wash my face. Just try to be patient and know that it will heal. I find that the first few days are tough, but they do tend to heal quickly. Good luck.
April 03, 2012
Hi Emily! I, too, had wounds on my forehead, neck, and chin. Here's what I've had the best luck with. You want to avoid putting makeup on an open wound at ALL COSTS. It just leads to infection, slower healing, and worse scarring. What I've found works well are two things: one is the Nexcare waterproof bandages. They have a very thin, clear, latex adhesion strip which I actually trim down significantly so I don't have all that excess material. They stick very well and are much less obvious than a typical band-aid. Then I cover the bandage with concealer to help it blend more. I works pretty well. I mean, you're not going to fool anyone into not seeing it if they are talking to you, but it is waayyy less distracting than the other. Another product I highly recommend (someone on this forum recommended it to me) is Duoderm surgical bandages. You'll probably need to order these online, but they are awesome at hiding. It is basically a surgical patch of a semi-sheer, breathable silicone (?) material that blends well with a medium tone skin. Get the ultra-thin variety so that it lies flatter with your skin. The back side is sticky (there's no pad) so you cut a piece that is the size and shape you need, apply it to the wound, and leave it on for as long as possible. It is a great healer, barrier to infection, and concealer. It's also very helpful in preventing you from picking the wound because it sticks so firmly. Hope these suggestions help. Hang in there!

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