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Tigathon , 30 Mar 2012

Astonishment, Dysfunction and Infection

Wow, I am completely astounded. I was fretting again in bed, tossing an turning, unable to sleep because of my bad habit when i decided to look up how to stop. I stumbled across this website and almost burst out crying. I never realized that what I do is more than just a bad habit and I worried that I was the only one. I have bitten both my fingernails and toenails for as long as I can remember ( I am 16) and on top of that already gross habit I also pick and bite the skin around the nail. My right big toe is infected at the moment, something I am constantly battling. It is so painful! I am relieved and horrified at the same time to learn what I have. It makes sense, though. My mother has a slight case of OCD and my father has been cheating on her since I was born, so my life is fairly stressful. I pride myself on being an optimistic person, and I have dealt with my family's disfunctions as best I can...except for this terrible habit I have become addicted to. My hands are disgusting and bloody all the time and everyone in my family comments about them. I have tryed the bitter nail polish, but I only got used to the taste and continued biting. I have created an account and I really hope that it will help me stop. I hope my infection will go away soon!
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March 31, 2012
I was exactly the same way when I found this website. Although I knew it couldn't be just a bad habit, I had never known that there were others like me. I wish you luck in finding a solution to end it, and remember that we are exactly like you, whatever the difference in ages, and you can confide in us :) Remember, we're not just a bunch of strangers: we're a bunch of strangers who have exactly the same pains, guilts, and emotions as you and we understand. Welcome to the club :)

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