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Tigathon , 30 Mar 2012

There's Light at the end of the tunnel!

I am so proud of myself! I have been biting and picking my fingers and toes for as long as I can remember (I'm 16) and now I have made major progress in stopping finnaly! I have not bitten my nails in almost 4 weeks, they look better than they ever have in my whole life and I only occationaly pick the skin around them. It used to be so bad that my fingers were perpetually bloody, so this is a huge improvement. My family used to constantly make remarks about how disgusting my hands and feet used to look, but now they can't say that anymore!! It took alot of will power, but what ultimately made me stop was that I really liked this guy and he would want to hold my hand, but I was always self-conscious about it and I could never let myself go and be relaxed with him. Now I'm way more confident!! i'm sooo excited, here's looking at they rest of my pick-free life!!

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