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KP201 , 30 Mar 2012

New skin picker. Stopping today!

Hi everyone. I'm coming here to look for some help and support. I have always bit my nails and had some ocd tendencies, but recently in the last few years they have turned to skin picking and it is awful. I'm not sure why it started I think it might have been stress. I would pick at every slight bump on my face that wasn't even anything and make huge scabs. I now pick less, but still have some episodes. I should be thankful for my most recent one yesterday because it has been my epiphany. I usually blame my picking on something that "will be a pimple" or it is a clogged pore and looks bad and has to come out. But, the past few weeks I haven't picked and had no pimples or nothing on my face, a few days ago I picked for no reason and went from nothing on my face to about 5 scabs scattered around, and I realized there was no one to blame but myself. I was doing this there was no excuse there is no excuse. I am stopping. I have been thinking a lot and I think I pick because #1 i am obsessing and #2 because of control. I know that if I just get this clogged pore out ( i mostly pick at clogged pores) that it will be a scab and heal in about 3 days because I don't pick at my scabs ever. If I leave it alone I don't know how long it will take which drives me insane. And the worst part is, if I do leave it alone it will just work itself out and not look bad at all!! So, I am stopping because it makes me miserable, it is stupid and most importantly I promised myself. And I was thinking, why do I not care about promises I make to myself (because I have made this promise to myself countless times), yet I do care about promises I make to other people. If I had made an important promise to someone I love dearly like my boyfriend I would make sure I kept it. So why not keep a promise to myself, who I am supposed to love the most! Anyway, it feels good to share my feelings thank you all for being here, you are all brave and wonderful. I AM STOPPING! My face is going to heal in a few days because it isn't so bad, and I am not going to touch anything unless it is a huge whitehead about to explode. Because me touching anything else won't help it even an ounce and it will take longer to go away and look awful while it is going away. And most important to remember it WILL GO AWAY! Anything I have on my face, a clogged pore or a pimple will go away, but a scar will not. Thank God I don't have any yet, but I will if I keep going like this. Thank you all again. I am going to come back here and read this and any of your helpful comments when I am feeling weak. Good luck, you will all beat this! Lots of love <3
2 Answers
April 03, 2012
Scabs taking longer to heal then I thought, but almost there. I took one scab off before it was ready, it seemed ready but wasn't healed in the middle so now it is a little cut again oh well. Not picking anything else. I just want these scabs to heal so I can start fresh and really do it this time. I'm not going to start my official "no picking" count until my scabs heal. This is hard.
April 03, 2012
Hello!! You have an AWESOME attitude about your picking. I know it's so easy to say we will stop but to actually do it..I'm cyber high-fiving you!! Have you started your quitting yet? If so, how is it going for you?

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