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MessyLips , 31 Mar 2012

Anyone want to stay in touch - severe lip picker

Hello... I'm in my 50's and I've been picking at my bottom lip for about 40 years now. (give or take a few years). I'm looking for other people who totally understand what it feels like to pull the skin off your lip(s) and even though it bleeds and's a MUST to pull. I even find that when I can't pull a piece of skin from my lips with my hands, I use my teeth. I also bite the inside of my mouth. My daughter is also a hair puller. I would love to hear from you on here! MessyLips
5 Answers
March 31, 2012
I know your pain I have been a severe lip picker for years and so is my mother. Right now my lips are so red and swollen, but I can't stop.
April 02, 2012

In reply to by MessyLips

Most of the articles i've read say that it is a result of stress or anxiety. I know that I am always stressed out I also have a very bad anxiety problem. I had to quit school and start online homeschooling, my anxiety was so bad. Therapy is good they say to learn ways to cope. Others have suggested always keeping your lips moisturized so you have nothing to pick. I also heard that wearing a rubberband and popping whenever you get the urge is helpful.
April 03, 2012

In reply to by OrangyPineapples

I'm sorry to hear of your anxiety..I hear you on that one. I like the suggestions. I just wish I would remember to do that. All of my pickin is thoughtless picking. It's like I either lip pick or eat. I don't know what's worse. How is homeschooling going for you? Do you know what has set off your anxiety?
April 09, 2012

In reply to by MessyLips

I can't believe you are literally saying the words right out of my mouth. picking or eating. I know that I have some chemical imbalance but my anxiety is really not bad. I literally pick my lips whenever I can. The way that it feels overtakes the fact that my lips are always cut, discolored and so unattractive looking. I have been doing it all my life. What are ways to stop. How can I get rid of this crave? My friends and parents hit my hand every time I start, but it doesn't matter nothing can really stop me.

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