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catwoman , 31 Mar 2012

How am I healing?

I was looking at all the "Commitment" posts and thought, "hey, would it be cool if there was a topic so everyone could share their healing methods..." so here it is! post down below what you think really works. I wish a happy and healthy recovery to all :)
2 Answers
April 01, 2012
My original plan for 100 days resolution was just my arms- but i've begun to realize that I have started picking at my legs, which i haven't done in years- and increasingly picked at my face. So I've started to include my legs and face in the regime. I've just begun Spring Break, so no one has to see me (since i'm not at school) so I'll have time to heal. Tomorrow I'm going to get Maybelline New York's new Airfoam Foundation along with the Dream Concealer as a reward for completing my first full week without picking at my arms. The week after that I think that I'm aiming for a cool new blush to go along with the foundation and concealer, which both seem to be exciting products. See, some people say that the rewards system doesn't work, but if you give it a shot, a decent one, it might work for you. However, these are just ways to keep from picking, not to actually heal.

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