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Goinwrong , 01 Apr 2012

Never knew what i had till today.

Just going to put my story out there: I'm 23 and had a talk with my new boyfriend last night about why i bite and chew my skin. He asked simple questions i could not answer like how long? and Why? All i could tell him was i only do it more when im stressed and can't stop other wise i just do it with out thinking. I also told him i need someone to help me stop since i don't realized im doing it i always need someone there to poke me when i do it. I'm always bleeding at work since i work a lot with my hands and i'm always trying to hide it. I becomes hard for me when it comes to touch others especially my boyfriend simple back rubs/scratches even just holding hands become embarrassing for me. When im not picking my fingers im biting the inside of my cheek or lips. I wish just i could stop its been becoming increasingly frustrating and painful. So after that talk i decided to finally google skin biting and bam its never been so clear till now. Up till now didn't even know why i did it or a name for it. But i guess the healing process needs to start somewhere. Any advice would be a great help! : )
1 Answer
April 01, 2012
Welcome..we're glad to have you here. You are in good company. Hello my name is MessyLips and I'm a lip biter. I too bite the inside of my cheek. I've been doing this for many many years. I wish I had the answer on how to stop..I'm still trying this myself. Wanted to say hello.

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