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Phoenix , 01 Apr 2012

Bad Skin Picking?

Hello, I'm 14 years old and have been picking, chewing, pulling off skin from my fingers, feet, lips, and scalp ever since I can remember. My fingers are very calloused, and often hurt when I try to do the things that I love to do (draw, play piano and alto sax). They're always bleeding, and I try to fix it up by pulling off more skin. My nails are worn down too, and I've tried the stop chewing nail polish, but I've gotten used to the taste and haved just stoped using it. :( Even typing on a keyboard hurts my hands, and I hate usinb soap on my hands because it stings so bad! Thankfully, I'm not flexible enough to chew my feet, but I've resorted to using nail clippers to clip off think skin on the bottom of my feet. It's embarrisjng to admit this, but I'll often eat thr skin. :( My lips are easily chapped, and when they get all stiff, I'll pull off a whole layer of skin with my teeth and fingers. My lips are raw as I type, and it's preventing me from eating spicy food. I'm also addicted to picking at the back of my scalp and it feels good when a large chuck falls off into my hands. I hate this condition so much! It's stopping me from doing what I want to do, and I'm constantly trying to stop, but I just cant.
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April 01, 2012
To add to that, I'll chew at my inside cheeks, pick at scabs,sun burns and other unusual flakes, bumps, and abnormal things on my skin. I've also pulled out my hair.

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