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catQueen , 03 Apr 2012

New Member Looking for Support

Hi everyone! I've recently decided that my face/body picking has to end. Currently I have red zits and marks over my chest, three big red marks that I have come to understand recently would not have been there if I hadn't picked at non-existent blemishes, and my back is scarred from years of "checking". I check my face in the morning and I check my body before a shower or bath and any red mark or irregularity must be picked at until something comes out of it or it bleeds. Then I have to continue to pick at it and make sure any scabs are picked off because I truly believe it makes the mark heal faster. I come from a home that really idealized picking at zits and I believe some combination of my newest red marks that are self made and my complete understanding of a client who picked at a self injury (I work at a psych unit for children) has let me see that I have a compulsion. I'm hoping to stop cold turkey and combine it with journaling and learning about my condition. Are there things that have worked for you? I know I can have good skin because I do all the right things (vitamins, water, moisturizer, good nutrition) and I want to make sure I am a mentally healthy person. Wow. Rambling. Thank you for your support!
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April 03, 2012
Hello and welcome!! I wish I had some good advise on how to stop. I'm asking the same for myself. How long have you been picking at your skin? I myself pick at my bottom lip until it bleeds, is swollen and hurts. Glad you are with us!
April 04, 2012
I understand what you mean by "checking". I use that justification also, just "checking" or "i'll just pick this one scab so it will be smooth and then no more" I wish you luck and hope you find the support you are looking for!

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