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LACME1965 , 06 Dec 2008

I hate what I've done to myself

I can't believe I found this website! I can see me in all of the posts. I do it all. I'm 43 and I pick my face, my arms, my hands, my buttox, my legs, my feet, my neck, ears and my cuticles. It's like a ritual - I if there is anything dry, bumpy, scabby - I'm on it. I've noticed that I can tell when something is going to pop out and I'm on it even before it arrives! Lately I've even been picking my belly button. There is a feeling of relief when I can pull skin, or pop something. If I get something out of it, it's almost rewarding. I love popping zits, and getting out blackheads- even if I see some on my husband- I have this urge. My 8 year old had a skin condition (Begins with M - can't remember name) that caused bumps that stayed for a long time, then they would get big and look like big zits - if you left them , they would just disappear. - I wanted to squeeze them so bad! I got him to let me squeeze a couple - and I HAD to get something out of them. I've been diagnosed with Bipolar II and I just got diagnosed with ADD. I see a therapist and a psychiatrist - and I've been seeing the psych for almost 5 years- and I have been too embarrassed to tell her. I finally told my therapist this week- and I showed her my arms. She wants me to call my psych. I have a huge sore on the top of my hand - and it just keeps getting bigger. It hurts at times- but I still can't stop. At night, before i go to bed, I do a thorough body scan and get every single scab and bump that I feel. OMG - I'm really sick! I welcome hearing from anyone directly: Thank you all for sharing l!
4 Answers
December 13, 2008
omg, everything you said is "ME!!!" i also know about the nightscans...huh...i worry my husband can feel me moving. i am only 21, but after reading this forum, i realize its a bit more severe for me (us). i noticed you do your butt too? i used to want to be a noel, but that is no more. i have trie researching for any cosmetic surgeon or treatment for multiple scars throughout the body, but have had no luck. my husbands back is torn up with scars from over a year ago that started as mosquito bites. i have ruined his and my own tattoos from picking. i pick everything! beyond everything. i cry because i feel sorry for my husband he has to deal with me, after ive ruined his scan. he in return feels sorry now he knows how bad this is, so he lets me pick him so i dont pick myself, but i pick myself anyways. thanks for sharing your story with me!
December 14, 2008
Hi, my name is Maria and im 21. i have been picking my face for almost 5 years and can honestly say this disorder really sucks! But its really comforting to read your stories and know that am not alone! =) one of tha things i hate the most is the fact that this disorder wont let me get close to guys =/ because im just so self consious! since tha picking is only on my face its way more visible.. am doing better though.. i went from having almost my entire face filled with scabs to now just one or two :) so thats a good thing but its still soo hard to leave them alone and let them heal! am sure you guys can relate. Well if you wanna talk some more my email is i would love to hear from any of you :)
July 26, 2011
Hi I'm Em and I can't stop picking my belly button. I've done it ever since I was little and it's starting to get really bad. My belly button has turned black and gross and it's very embarrassing. I know it's extremely bad for me but I just can't stop! I'm too ashamed to go to the doctor so does anyone have any advice for me? Anything at all is greatly appreciated :)
July 15, 2013
I've been picking my belly button for 32 years to I thought I was alone. I stopped for about 10 years straight then recent tragedies and supressed feelings made me strt again. I pick my belly button until it bleeds sometimes but what I usually do is pick at it until it gets scabby andi like to pull at the skin without tearing it off. It gives me a rush and I do this until I can't pull anymore skin and wait until it hardeneds up or scabs up to pick at it again. Then I like to pour peroxide in it to feel the burn, think also gives me a little rush sometimes I go to gar and make it bleed,again I just fill it with peroxide and neosporin. So I've been doing this ritual on and off for years and I thought I was the only "weirdo". Any comments or advice? Am I the only one who takes it this far? P.S. sometimes I like to eat the skin too...

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