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HeatherFeather , 04 Apr 2012

Having a tough time of it....

Well, I'm 19 and I've been skin picking for a few years now. Completely lost my confidence in secondary school as it was such a big change and I think thats where it started. I'm more grown up now and have more confidence but now me and my friends go out a lot. It's really annoying as i'm so self conscious about my skin that i try and find outfits that cover up the badly picked areas. I have a nice figure, and i want to show it off more. I really want to stop skin picking, but it's like a viscious circle. I look at my skin and think well I look horrible and it can't get much worse, so then I pick it and then I get more annoyed with myself because I've just picked it. -.- Seriously don't know what to do about it.....

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