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cowgirlup840 , 04 Apr 2012

picking at myself and wanting to stop!!!!

Hello I am 16 years old and I have been picking at my skin for years and I'm afraid that I will never be able to stop. I am embarrased to even wear short sleeve shirts or tanktops in front of people because it looks like I have some kind of disease. I pick at my arms, my fingers, my fingernails, my face, my back my shoulders and my face. I am constantly doing it and sometimes I don't even know that I am doing it. When I try to hold my self back from doing it my body gets tense and I start to shake because I am always doing it and I don't know a time that I'm not. My parents get mad at me when I do it but I can't help it whatsoever. I have tried to find something to replace picking but as soon as I see a black head or anything on my skin I have to pick it until it is completely gone and out of sight. Then I look for another one until my arms nails or knuckles start bleeding and I have bumps all over my arms. I hate it so bad. I pick the skin off of my lips until they are gushing with blood. I really need help because I am tired of doing this to myself it is disgusting and I am hurting myself to the fullest!!!!
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April 05, 2012
Hey, I know how you feel. I am 19 and have had the problem for years too and had that same feeling of feeling like I will never be able to stop doing it. I seriously suggest that you get professional help if you haven't already. Do your parents know that you have a serious problem or do they just think it is a bad habit? Talk to them and see if you can get yourself some help. There are lots of options you could start by just seeing a counsellor or your doctor and then maybe a psychologist or psychiatrist. There are different types of therapy and also medication to help you. I am not a fan of medication and all that stuff but sometimes therapy alone isn't enough. I have seen medication work for people with serious problems. You can recover but it will take time and effort! Sorry if I am not giving you any new advice but I want you to have the support and help that you need!

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