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Indie , 05 Apr 2012

Any Suggestions Would Help

I have been picking at my face, arms, and legs for over 8 years. I have tried to stop more times than I can count without success. The biggest problem I am struggling with is that I want to stop, but I don't. Does that make any sense? I will be having an episode and realize that I am picking and I will tell myself I need to stop and can even stop for a little bit, but the desire leads me straight back to where I was. How do I get my wanting to stop to override my desire to pick?
1 Answer
April 06, 2012
write a note stating all of the horrible things about picking that you can possibly think of and ready it every day. breaking a bad habit is about really willing to give every aspect of it up. talk about how disgusting it his, how ugly it makes you feel, how much pain it has caused you and how angry it makes you!! like you are talking about someone that you really really hate. sometimes i manage to stop for a little bit too, and then sink right back into it. you need to train your mind to remember how much of a bad thing it is.. otherwise you literally "forget" and then just fall right back into the habit without even realising. thats why you need to keep reminding yourself of why you want to stop. its about PREVENTING yourself from doing it, not just recovering from a bad episode and stopping for a little bit. so even when you think you have been going well with not picking.. keep on reading the note, or write a new one.. whatever.. to remind yourself that you want to stop! its almost like brainwashing yourself (in a good way). everything we do.. all of our habits good and bad, start in our subconscious mind. you can train that part of your mind to think in a certain way but it takes a lot of energy and persistence! read or write a note every night before you go to sleep.. that way it will be embedded in your subconscious during your sleep. and then do the same in the morning.. however often you need. get angry about the picking and start HATING it.. its not who you want to be and its not a habit you want to have! the desire to pick is something your mind has made up and you can change it to a desire to STOP my constantly reinforcing why you want to stop.

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