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destroyx , 05 Apr 2012

Failing classes because ashamed of face

I'm 21 and taking a lot of math and science classes at my Uni. Whenever I need extra help I always want to go to the study rooms where tutors are available but I get so self concious about my face that I don't go because I don't want anyone looking at me dead in the face. I wear a lot of make up but you can still tell my skin is a wreck. It's been affecting my social life- like I won't go out until it's at least sunset or dark. Does anyone else do this??? :(
1 Answer
April 06, 2012
you poor thing. maybe if you push through it just once and go see the tutors even though your skin is bad you will get some motivation to stop picking. or maybe you wont even feel as embarrassed as you thought you would. I have also missed important things at uni because of my skin and fallen behind as a result. sometimes forcing yourself to do something even if you really don't want to will give you some motivation to change your habits. otherwise there really isnt' anything pushing you to stop.

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