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Guru-picker , 10 Apr 2012

New here - been thru it all

I'm new, but because there is no cure that exists for me I am reaching out & offering support. I have 20 yrs experience. I'm 32, picking is at its worst. I have tried a shit ton of psych meds & have been in a psych hospital 2wice. I have even tried n-Acetylcysteine. I have finally got a good psychiatrist but he is stumped. I have at 1 time been on a combo of meds that did completely stop the urge & I can share it, but I was so doped up. My memory & vision got terrible - I needed glasses; I had to stop the meds, the side effects were not going away; I couldn't live that way. Currently I am here for support & am really trying to use the tools of habbit reversal & cognitive therapy, I have been really lazy about this in the past. God, why does being mindful & doing homework take so much effort. I think we all want a magic pill. But after years of picking, I believe this disorder is much more complicated & requires a multi fascited approach. Additionally, I am going to give Inositol & some Bach herbal elixirs a try. I feel positive, my depression is under control, and my boyfriend (a huge stressor) is going to jail. Lastly, I will be contacting the university of Minnesota under instructions from my psychiatrist on experimental treatments for picking. For newbies whose picking is very bad I urge you too seek psychiatric help it is an essential building block & the right meds do help. For people who aren't new, any advice is greatly appreciated. I too am here for anyone who needs support.
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April 16, 2012
wow, sounds like you are dealing with a lot. I hope your various approaches are going well. Id iike to hear more about the cognitive therapy youre doing? someone mentioned it to me and Id like to learn more.

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