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exactlyeffie99 , 11 Apr 2012

What should I do?! HELP!

I've been picking my skin since I was in third grade and it is so embarrassing to talk about or even think about telling someone. :/ I DO NOT want to tell my therapist about this but I don't know what to do besides go tell her about this. No one has ever diagnosed me with this Dermatillomania thing even though it is very obvious. I pick at acne all the time and I have scabs on my face because of it. . .So anyway, I don't know what to do! I need to stop and I know that, but I just can't and I feel so ashamed that I can't stop myself. I already take three other medications for different medical disorders and I don't want to start another medication, what do you suggest I do?
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April 12, 2012
Hi There, I am right there with you exactlyeffie99. For me, I have to have a mental plan, a self promise, before I go into the bathroom at night. I really have to be conscious of what I am doing, because all it takes is one little pick at one little spot, and then another..and then it just goes down hill from there. I work a late shift at work and usually get home around midnight. I have have stood in the bathroom picking at my face until 5 am before. But, if I tell myself that I won't, sometimes I have to say it out loud, I do better. I also read a post that said calamine lotion helps with healing and overall skin tone. I bought a bottle and have my fingers crossed. Maybe these two suggestions will help you. If you need a friend, some support, my email is feel free to write.

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