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exactlyeffie99 , 11 Apr 2012

Is skin picking a form of cutting/self-harm?

I've heard from somewhere that skin picking can be considered a form of cutting/self-harm. What do you think?
2 Answers
April 12, 2012
It can be- but generally I don't think it is considered that way any longer for most people. For me, its more a habit that started with normal skin checking that slowly got more repetitive. It is self harming, as the results are bad for skin- but I do not believe it can be placed in the same area as cutting yourself. This is reason, if you research, that OCD and habit specialists are now the therapists that work with people with this issue.
April 17, 2012
For me I think it is because I have it severely. I pick everywhere. I'm basically mutilating myself. Intentionally even. I use to cut, but have stopped for 4 years now. So I'm a survivor with that. I want to be a survivor with picking as well. I guess it depends how bad you do it. It is addiciting for me to, like OCD, but i am still mutilating myself as well.

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