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sickandtired87 , 12 Apr 2012

Is there ANYTHING that works!?!?

So, I'm well aware that there is no magical cure-all for skin pick sores...other wise we'd all be using it and none of us would be posting on this forum. But does anyone know of ANYTHING that helps at least speed the healing process? I picked a cyst and 3 little pimples on my chin...and now they are rather ugly sores. I HATE that I continue to do this to myself...but I can't stop. I am in a wedding this weekend and I really don't want to look like the monster that I am for all of the photos...not to mention I feel like crap because the bride knows a little bit about my issue and while she is sympathetic, doesn't really get it. She asked me to restrain myself for her big day...and I couldn't do it. I hate that I let her down and if anyone knows of any way to lessen the nastiness quickly...please please help!
3 Answers
April 12, 2012
Hi sickandtired87! I refreshed my post titled: wounds are HEALING and scars are FADING... Please take a look at it. I truly think it will really help you with your dilemma. Just keep in mind that what's done is done. Just focus on healing the sores on your chin and not picking anywhere else before your best friend's wedding this weekend. I hope this helps and I'm looking forward to hearing about any progress made in the future! Good luck and just know we're all rooting for you!
April 12, 2012
You're not a monster. I understand about not being able to stop and hating yourself. I had good clear skin on tuesday morning when I got up and went to work. When I got home, for some reason, I clawed my skin to shreds. I feel terrible, but I'm trying not to beat myself up, and instead have focused on healing the scabs. If it makes you feel any better, people are going to be concentrating on the bride, so maybe people won't notice. I'll be thinking about you this weekend. Good Luck.
April 16, 2012
in the UK we have something called Sudocream, which is a thick white healing cream that I think is usually used on nappy rash. if I have small dry red sores or deep scabs, I put this on over night and I notice a decent difference by morning. A few nights in a row and it really helps move the healing along. 2 things however; 1. it can dry out your skin a little, and 2. it can make some open spots or wide blackheads worse, as they tend to suck up the cream (eugh) and then beg to be squeezed again. I just make sure the wounds are dry scabs and not open sores. God this sounds gross when I type it. Why do we do this to ourselves?? Ugh.

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