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SpottyFace , 12 Apr 2012


Hi There, I've been lurking around on this site for a while but just decided to join. I had no idea that other people are dealing with this. I have been picking my face, and only my face, for several years but it has recently become so much worse. I am so ashamed of myself. I am about to move to Florida and I am leaving my current job. My going away party for work is tomorrow and I have awful scabs all over my face..all self inflicted. I hate that this will be the last time I see my coworkers/friends and that I look this way. I have been lucky enough to have a job where I sit in a cubicle and answer phones (lucky in that I don't have to see people face to face). Now I am moving to Florida and will have to go out and find a job (interview) and probably be much more visible in my next job. I want to stop so badly, I am so tired of hiding in my apartment because of my face. I just bought some calamine lotion in the hopes that it will help the scabs heal. I hope that I can find and give support for other people here. Thank you for reading.
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April 12, 2012
Welcome to the site SpottyFace! It's been a long road to get where I'm at and I'm STILL not 100% better. I've been picking at the skin on my face for 8 years and discovered that this was an actual disorder a little more than a year ago. In the past year, I've come a long way and don't pick nearly as often as I used to. I can go weeks without picking, whereas before, I could barely last a day without picking at any and every small imperfection. Finding great products that work for me has helped tremendously on my road to recovery. The calamine lotion has been an absolute Godsend. I'm so happy you went out and purchased a bottle! I'm anxious to hear about how it works for you. Please keep me updated on your progress and I hope you have an amazing time at your going away party! I'll be thinking of you :) - newperspective
April 12, 2012

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Thank you so much newperspective. You are actually the first person who I have ever spoken (written) to about my problem. It is so nice and comforting to finally have a little support, because I sure do need it. Thank you again, It means a lot to me.
April 12, 2012

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I feel truly honored to be the first person you've spoken to about this disorder. I get on this site everyday to see how everyone is getting along and I write on posts I feel I can contribute to. I'm always here if you need someone to talk to or just a friend you can share your successes and struggles with. I've been through it all and would love to offer my support and any advice I can. Just know that you're not alone, and by joining this site, you've already taken the first BIG step in the recovery process (admitting you have a problem and proactively taking steps to take back control over your life.) You, and everyone else on this site, are a lot stronger than we tend to give ourselves credit for. Stay strong and remain positive because life can only get better from here! XO

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