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AngelSkin , 16 Apr 2012

Aaaalmost over CSP, but how do I get rid of this ridiculous scarring? HELP!!

I posted a few months ago and havent been back. Although my CSP is getting better, it is consuming my life a lot more. The sheer concentration and thought I put into my habit and controlling it is overwhelming. An absolute low point came the other week when a man came over to me and gave me his card, saying he was a herbalist and could help with the problem on my forehead. Cringe. Now Ive aaaalmost stopped picking (not true) my forehead is mostly healed but with a combination of sun damage I am really patchy with pale and dark spots, and I have a moustache shaped row of scars on my top lip. I look like a dot painting. Im trying to figure out ways to invest in dealing with these ridiculous scars. Calomile lotion? Reward myself with laser therapy? Should I go see this herbalist (after I smack him in the face!)?
3 Answers
April 18, 2012
I wish I had an answer for you I'm currently debatig paying to get laser removal on my back hoping to be able to wear a tank top and not be embarrassed of there white spots on my back!!! Have you had any success with Getting your scars to look better?
April 19, 2012

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no, not in the last couple of days. I think if I can truly leave my skin alone, and stay out of the sun then over time they will fade. But I really want to get rid of them, theyre making me crazy. Elsewhere on this forum people suggest calamine lotion, which when I get a chance I will try and find in the shops.
April 19, 2012
My mom told me she read somewhere that applying egg yolk as a mask helps with scarring. Apparently they use this in India. I have been using egg yolks ever since and it really works. The yolks have a lot of vitamin A which is what is in Retin-A, so makes sense. Also, it's a lot cheaper! The other thing I use is aloe vera gel. I keep a healthy plant and cut a leaf to get some gel to apply to my skin. Also heard that applying the gel helps get rid of acne and pimples. So worth a shot. Let us know!

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