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Hollyrosemarie02 , 17 Apr 2012

So bad....

My body is so bad right now. Face especially. I want to hide in a hole and never come out. Please someone talk to me. Try to help me. If this would stop. It would be a huge miracle. All I can do is try and pray hard and hard. Hopefully my dreams will come true. I want to do some support group or counseling or field or something to help others with dermatillomania. I just do not know what to do to get it started and going. I will go to school for it. Can someone help or would like to get involved to get to the bottom of it so we can help others. Not just ourselves. If anyone's interested. Write me. Thanks. Holly.
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April 18, 2012
Hi Holly, I just wanted to offer my support and understanding. This is a condition which I have battled for some time now. What has helped me has been yoga and meditation. It truly helps calm the mind and put things into perspective. Also, find a doctor that you trust and talk to him/her about it. I just told my doctor about it the other day and feel such a huge weight lifted off my shoulders. She suggested taking supplements such as vitamin D and complex B vitamins. Certainly worth a try! Hang in there and be kind to yourself. Tomorrow is a new day. :)

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