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hopeful8 , 18 Apr 2012

We're gonna conquer this!

Wow! I can totally relate to the posts I have read here tonight. About a month ago, I had one of the worst episodes of picking and have been picking at the scabs ever since - face, back, neck. I look and feel horrible and have been staying home so people won't see my marks. I pick my face, nose, cuticles, fingernails and although I do really want and need to stop, many times I am unaware of the fact that I am doing it. Typically, when I am on the computer or reading at night, when my attention is elsewhere, my hand goes to my skin. Since this has been a bad habit for so many years, I am thinking about seeing a psychiatrist to get to the root cause of this. I believe anxiety is the cause but what are the thoughts that are causing the anxiety? My son says it's perfectionism, but I am hurting myself so that doesn't make sense to me. I wonder if hypnosis is a possible cure? I'd like to encourage others that we WILL overcome this! Everyone has behaviors that are not healthy. I read that 12 million people suffer from this so we are NOT ALONE. Let's all support each other. I read the tip on chalomine lotion so am going to get a bottle and try it. Thanks for listening and let's all try to love ourselves more!

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