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rubyfalls , 20 Apr 2012

Tip: use hydrocortisone "anti-itch" cream to soothe redness

My doctor suggested I can use hydrocortisone cream to help reduce inflammation on my fingers due to extreme picking. Your skin will be less red, heal faster, and grow back less thick. It has helped me progress because I feel less ashamed of my fingers and encouraged to promote and maintain my progress. It helps me get back into "healing mode" faster :) The cream is commonly found in drugstores, sold as "anti-itch" cream, and is typically composed of 1% hydrocortisone - which mimics cortisol. So be careful and don't use it over very large areas or more than 2-3 times per day.
1 Answer
April 21, 2012
can this work for redness on big pimples too that you picked at ?:(

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