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AngelSkin , 21 Apr 2012

helping with for ingrown hairs

hey guys, I am posting loads at the moment and I think its really helping me control myself - though I still need encouragement! I have a lot of gentle hints and stuff to share to help combat bad skin that encourages CSP, and reduces the wounds and scars caused by it, which is better posted one by one then all in one long post. anway, for ingrowns in your underarms, bikini line and legs, I use a totally amazing lotion with Salycilic acid in it. Its called Tend SKin, but I think you can get other products with this active ingredient. honestly, if you have bad ingrowns apply it with cotton wool before bed and rinse off in the am. its magic. when youre close to smooth use it once or twice a week (or more if you are particularly affected) continuously. its a pretty stong ingredient so dont use it on broken skin or on your face.

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