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sjb11 , 22 Apr 2012

21 Day Challenge - "Just quit it!"

Hi there! So I am only a recent member of this forum, but I have been a skin picker for almost ten years, since I first started breaking out! I've posted on the forum before, and I have had wonderful, very helpful response postings. Also reading other peoples forum topics and replies of advice has been extremely helpful and I am so grateful such a forum exists for people like us!! After reading through a number of postings, discussions in chatrooms, response postings, the advice I've taken is to combat this through a healthy mind - healthy body healthy mind! As such I've done the complete overhaul... changed my eating habits (which were pretty healthy as they were but now I've just upped the anti), purchased new skincare and makeup, kept my hands busy, and lastly... blogging about my experiences! For anyone that finds writing on the forum a helpful method of stress relief, I'd also recommend blogging. I've been blogging for the last 6 days, and I've already noticed the difference in my well being and my over all health, as it helps to keep myself and new habits in check. Consider the 21 day challenge for "just quitting"! I'm so happy that I've read other peoples responses and have decided to do my own variation of this challenge and I so far feel great. Feel free to check out my blog, which I've linked below and ask me for any advice, help or feedback on things of concern, or even provide me with advice and help and encouragement! We all need that little bit of extra help to kick a nasty habit and finally feel good about ourselves once again, and helping each other can make a huge difference :) Thanks for reading! Essie Diary of a Dermatillomania-c:

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