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CC8999 , 23 Apr 2012

I'm Gettting There :)

As the few of you who read my old post may know, I was on this sight last year, explaining how I had become addicted to skin picking that has left me with horrible scars and wounds that I have been bullied for. I also asked what 10 things I could do to stop picking by the end of last year, well, a few helpful tips and kind words came through which I am grateful for...But I realized that I didn't need that information to pull through the urges, somehow, somewhere in the back of my mind I figured out little triggers to stop me. I started letting in my Mum on the things I thought about, what I was doing to my body, I interacted with a lot of my friends and also found that my school work, reasonable sleep times and revision for further GCSE exams, were much more important, I learned to look at the bigger picture and that way I have pulled through a bit, yes, I will admit that I occasionally do pick at times of nervousness, anger, guilt or despair, but the time I do it for has cut down since have been focusing on more different and important actions, my body has learnt to stop when I begin. If I keep mastering this then I'm sure that I will get there, social issues such as boyfriends and further careers in life are my future and picking is slowly fading into my past. If this helped me, a 14 year old girl on the verge of an insane, upsetting life style, then I'm sure you can act upon this and stop you're picking addiction too. Focus on the better more simplier things in life and make each and everyday count, even if you feel like shit with a throbbing headache and a bad hangover, or you wake up on an awful raining day, smile, laugh, interact and be open and I am positive that things will get better! Best of luck and a big whole hearted thank you to those out there who supported me, you made me feel loved and not alone, I respect that and respect you! Good luck, peace!! :D Chloe Xxx

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