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brits2541 , 24 Apr 2012

I'm new here but,

Hey everyone I am new here, but I share the same issue that you all do. Ever since I was 12 I have been having this problem. It first started before I started High School and it made my life in HS horrible as I was an athlete and cheerleader. Being infront of people is what I do. I was always made fun of during HS and not one person could relate to me. As I went off to college, I was able to stop and move forward with my life. However severe stress and bullying would bring me back to it all over again. Even when I obtained my degree I found myself still at this. All the doctors say is that its a habit and thats all. While that may be true, they really have been no help to me at all. My mom tries hard to help, but can't relate. It's been hard for me to have guy relationships as I feel that I am harboring a huge secret. When I found this site, I was excited and eager to hear what you all have to say. It is nice to know that i'm not the only one out there. I want to be able to stop this and at 24 I need to make that happen. I believe that most people aren't aware of how addicting this is and they don't realize that its a serious problem. I want to look amazing at my wedding, not hiding behind a trail or sleeves because I am ashamed. I hope you all can help with kind words and encouragement.
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April 30, 2012
I have been living with this problem for 30 years. 15 years ago I was diagnosed with severe anxiaty and ADHD. But sitll I kept this secret to myself. Then I met my spouse and he accepted me for the woman I am and just said stop picking. The I had 3 wonderful boys but they came with their own problems. One has ADHD and the 2 others have Autism. For somoene with severe anxiaty it was like putting oil on a fire. Then 4 years ago I went to see at therapist because I was under a great deal of stress and I finally spoke about my picking. It was liberating. I actually stopped picking for more than 3 years. But this past march after a familly vacation it starded again. My doctor il currently trying out new medications to reduce my anxiaty and I am on a waiting list to see another therapist. I beat this once I can do it again. It just takes time and work but it is so worth it. Talking about it with people you trust helps a lot. You need to learn to love yourself. Trust yourself. Take care of yourself. On day at a time. You can do it, just find the proper help. Good luck!

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