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lishaa_x , 25 Apr 2012


okay, so i am 16, and the typical picker. i have relatively clear skin...but get the occasional hard, swollen pimples. i tell myself, dont pick, it will be gone soon. but i try to squeeze it, nothing comes out exept the yellow fluid and is painful and red. They normally get more swollen. Then, whether i wash my face or just touch it, the skin will turn brown and peel off. It looks a chemical burn, but it cant be, i dont use anything strong on my face. It happens to random spots on my face also...turns brown and sensitive and peels off...either forming a scab or worse, just an open sore. I am VERY SELF CONSCIOUS. standing in front of the mirror, trying not to pick, telling myself it wont make anything better. I miss SO MUCH school because of it. I ask myself why i cant just have nice skin.... The scabs or most of the time, brown/red painful open wounds take extremely long to heal. i have tried everything from aloe, vit E, cocoa butter, BP, everything. They dont seem to dry up....they stay moist and the skin continues to peel the sore becomes bigger. I am trying to explain this the best i can.....its like layers of skin in a circle peel off.... I have scars everywhere on my face...and as soon as my face clears up, within a day i have new marks. I use to be so outgoing and happy, but now i cant even get through a day of school without calling my mom to come get me. I feel like everyone is looking at my painful sore face. I dont wear cute clothes or do my hair anymore because i feel like,,, whats the point. What should i do to heal these and dry them up? the scarring? and why do you think my skin peels off so easily? I honestly feel worthless....i try to tell myself "its crazy that you let your skin run your life" but i cant help that i am self concsious.
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new day girl
April 30, 2012
Hi there, I was just thinking that you should try to get into a dermatologist that could help find something to heal the spots on your face. I know how difficult it can be to get up the courage to go to a doctor and talk to them about it but they've seen it all. You never know, it might make all the difference. I know how terrible it can be on your self confidence when you have problems with blemishes and acne on your face. Seek out a professional that can help!

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