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lishaa_x , 27 Apr 2012


So i dont have bad acne. just a few spots and a cyst every now and then. But being a past eye-lash picker....i started picking. the small spots that im sure no one else could see turned into HUGE open wounds. I have one scar on my cheek that is like a quarter size. most my scars and wounds occur between my eyes and on my forehead. They take seemingly forever to heal...because i continue to pick them open. I always think the scab is ready to come off so i pick it off, OR i get aggitated because it wont heal so i pick either way. I dont know what to do or how to stop. i will stop for a month or so and just leave the one or two spots alone...but it will happen again. Ill just try to pop it, and the skin kind of peels right off. then it wont heal and the cycle starts over again. Im only 16 and i look at pictures from a year ago and had scar free its covered in dark circular indented scars. HELP! what can help the wounds scab up so they can heall?
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April 28, 2012
lishaa_x I just found this site and the description of acne excoriee, fits me all too well. You are NOT alone! Here is what I have done to try to help heal my face. After I have completely demolished what was nothing but a speck of a pimple, I will apply an antibiotic ointment and put a bandaid over it right before bed. In the morning it has a light flesh colored scab over it. I'll use a yellow based concealer, very lightly on it. Then I use mineral makeup over the mark and the rest of my face. I wash my face with African Black Soap that I order out of Georgia from Nasaab. It helps dry up your face and even out your skin tone. I've recently come out of a bad picking session where I have literally left about 6 dark marks on my face. I read that bio-oil is supposed to help so I picked some of that up also. As for stopping, I wish I could tell you how. Personally I have no will-power to do so. Oh, one last thing...if you have any acne scars on your body, do NOT go out in the sun without sunscreen. I made that mistake and my face looked absolutely awful, the scars all showed up. Good luck to you and I hope my suggestions helped!
December 23, 2012
I suggest, that you don't force to pull them up, they will be more complicated and will leave much wide open wounds, and that would be the best place for the bacteria to penetrate. You can also ask for dermatologist's opinion, and also for the proper ways of treatment if they have any and what type of products would be best for your condition. Regards, Lauren Franco, Clinical counselor for laboratory.

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