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gdreams43 , 28 Apr 2012

How do i help my scars go away? Please read and please help me:(

I'm 15, i have had this awful obsession ever since probably like the 2nd grade.i used to pick at my arms and face, but i pretty much got over that, i still have 10 scabs here and there every once and a while but i have at least 100 little marks all over my breasts, and they're disgusting. i can't stop reopening them. my self esteem is extremely low. i tried cutting as an alternative, but it doesn't work. i'm cut down a lot, but there's still tons of open scabs and little discolored marks. is there any cream i can use to reduce the visibility of these marks? will it be harder or easier since they are on breast tissue? i can not live like this, i feel awful and i need help. someone please tell me how they gave their wounds enough time to heal and what they applied to make them go away. if anyone has a similar story or anything i would really appreciate it. i need help very badly, i do not want my grades to go down and i want to be able to have fun with my friends this summer without worrying about scars and scabs showing, please please help me. :'( please someone
2 Answers
April 30, 2012
I have been exactly where you are right now. First of all, you are not alone. There is a wonderful network of people here who want you to be well and wish you the best. I've heard of people using both calamine lotion as well as vitamin e cream... i use vitamin e on horses when they get cuts and it heals up the marks fairly quickly and is affordable. I have just found this website and have just been able to acknowledge my issue. I think that it's different for everyone and you have to find something that works for yourself. I started out by telling my boyfriend, and then I found this website and am using as an outlet; maybe a type of distraction because I've found that if I can distract myself then I don't think about it and then I don't do it. My wounds (along with those of many, many others on here) are still healing. You are very strong for coming on here and asking for help. I believe that you can use that strength to stop. :)
April 30, 2012
well, before you can treat the scarring, you need to heal. keep your chest and everywhere you pick covered with clothes. look in the mirror as little as possible. think about how you need to kick the habit and understand that cutting is not a better alternative. try something like painting your fingernails, and when you feel picky, just pick off the polish instead of picking at yourself, i personally use the nail polish thing all the time. once your wounds are closed up, then you can get to the scar treatment. honey is good for scarring, its an anti inflammatory (which helps redness go away) and antibiotic. rub it on the affected places and leave it for anywhere from 10 mins to an hour, whatever you have time for. i use honey a lot on my face. vitamin e oil is good too, i like to mix it up with salt and exfoliate with it. exfoliation encourages new, healthy skin cells to form, and vitamin e helps with healing and redness.

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