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tstewart912 , 28 Apr 2012

Skin picking and more for years...

So I guess first off, this can be for more than just skin picking, right? I have questions about more than that. Ever since I was a kid, I bit my nails. Sometime as a child I started picking skin on my hands. Especially around my fingers because biting my nails messes up cuticles and nail beds. It was so bad once i could barely touch anything cause my hands were so raw. The skin picking on my hands gets worse when summer or winter starts, the change in weather dries my skin and they peel more. In high school, I started plucking my eyebrows and underarms. After that I started plucking my pubic area.. i stopped doing that, but recently Ive started plucking my eyebrows, the thicker hairs that will sometimes show up on my chin, the darker hairs around my mouth. I've even plucked the darker hairs from my legs, and the hairs that grow on my toes. I never thought it could be a problem til today, when I had even plucked yesterday.. I couldn't find more things to pluck so I started biting my nails and peeling my fingers even more. My thumbs seem to get the worst of it. and my index fingers. it hurts to text and touch some things now. I hide this from everyone. My boyfriend knows, but I try not to do it around him cause he laughs and says I'm weird. I try to come up with logical reasons why I do it.. I told him that I had to do it to my under arms because shaving hurts. which it honestly does. But he still finds it strange. I really don't want to spend a lot of my time doing these things...

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