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brits2541 , 30 Apr 2012

I pick my legs does anyone else?

I have not noticed on here that anyone picks their legs. Is there someone out there that does this as well? I can't seem to think that anyone else does. Am I weird for choosing my legs??
1 Answer
May 03, 2012
I pick at my legs all the time! I get tons of ingrown hairs on the back of my thighs and some on my calves that I always try to get out. It is horrible because I have some dark spots from where I have picked in the past. I also pick at my arms, bikini area, and sometimes my butt cheeks. It is extremely embarrassing. I am trying laser hair removal on my bikini area because I have heard that it really helps with ingrown hairs. If it goes well, I might consider the legs too.

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